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Assistant professor at the CSE Department at Ohio State University.

Office: Dreese Lab 489
E-mail: pooyahat at gmail dot com

I am looking to hire a strong and motivated graduate student with interest in complexity theory to start in Fall 2020. 

Research Interests: Pseudorandomness, Complexity Theory, Combinatorics, Analysis of Boolean Functions

I spent two years as a postdoc at UT Austin hosted by David Zuckerman. I also spent two years as a postdoc at DIMACS and at the Institute for Advanced StudyI received my PhD from the Computer Science Department of University of Chicago, where I was lucky to be supervised by Alexander Razborov and Madhur Tulsiani.


Higher Order Fourier Analysis and Applications,
(with H. Hatami and S. Lovett)

Foundations and Trends in Theoretical Computer Science,
Vol. 13: No. 4, pp 247-448
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Selected Papers (full list here):