Assistant professor at the CSE Department at the Ohio State University.

Office: Dreese Lab 489
E-mail: pooyahat at gmail dot com

I spent two years as a postdoc at UT Austin hosted by David Zuckerman. I also spent two years as a postdoc at DIMACS and at the Institute for Advanced StudyI received my PhD from the Computer Science Department of University of Chicago, where I was lucky to be supervised by Alexander Razborov and Madhur Tulsiani.

Research Interests: Theoretical computer science: Randomness and Pseudorandomness, Communication Complexity, Analysis of Boolean Functions, Additive Combinatorics

Current Students: Ada Barach, Pushen Wang

In my spare time, I like to climb rocks and take photos


Higher Order Fourier Analysis and Applications,
(with H. Hatami and S. Lovett)

Foundations and Trends in Theoretical Computer Science,
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Selected Papers (full list here): 

I co-organize the CSE theory seminar of our theory group